What's New

New updates and improvements to Credlab

Credit Decision Email

Credlab can now send credit decision emails to your applicants on your behalf. We've set up email templates that you can customize or change. To do so, click on your profile picture and then select Credit Outcome Email Templates.

There are 3 email options: an Approval Template, a Denial Template, and a Pending Template. These templates have various placeholders that will automatically be updated when you send your email.

In your application's dashboard, you can assign an Approval Status, Approval Amount, Account Manager, and Account Number. Depending on the placeholders you have put in, this information will automatically populate the email template.


When you click on the Send Credit Outcome Notifier button, you will be presented with the email that will be sent. Whoever signs the application will be automatically placed as the recipient and the Account Manager if you have selected one. You can also add any users you wish.

Staff / Account Managers

You can now assign an account manager to individual applications. To add a manager to your available list, click on your user photo and then select Staff. 

This can be used to assign sales reps, account managers, or any other internal staff member you wish to assign to an application. 

This is separate from the Assign to user(s) option. Account managers will not have access to log into the portal. 

Introducing our new Credit Management Portal - CREDLAB

The B2B Team has been working hard to develop a new and improved Credit Management Portal that allows you to easily order, process, and manage all your organization’s credit applications, credit reports, and supporting documents in one place. 

You’ve come to know and love the B2B Credit Management Portal since its inception in 2005. It’s simple, clean, and efficient, and we are backed by our credit and web professionals, who are ready to assist you when needed. But it is time for a change and to make it better. So without further adieu, may we introduce the new Credit Management Portal:


We are constantly improving the platform to make it the most efficient and useful credit management platform available.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy the new portal. As always, we are here to support you. Same team, more improved credit management system. 

Application Search Update

You can now search for applications based on the applicant's address, city, or postal/zip code.

Various Updates and Improvements to the Portal and Credit Application

We've made various changes to the application dashboard. These include adding an approval status, approval dollar amount and full notes section. We also allow for file uploads that are internal to your organization.

When a B2B report is complete, you will see a set of tabs at the top of the dashboard, allowing you to switch between what was entered directly on the credit application and the updated information as per the B2B Report.

The updated search now includes searching on Report, Signature and Approval status. It will also submit search requests in real-time, no longer requiring you to click the search button.

When turned on, we allow customers to upload a company information sheet with an included link in the online credit application.

The navigation now has a new look and feel, allowing you to see which page you are on more clearly.

Requested & Last Updated

Requested & Last Updated dates are now listed on all B2B Reports.